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Permanent Placement

Our Search Process

Identifying Talent for Your Organization

In the hiring process, the first and most important relationship we establish is with your organization. Understanding your objectives and organizational structure help us target the most qualified candidates. We look for talented professionals who will understand your company and help implement your goals. We then identify, interview, and assess each candidate prior to presenting our recommendations.

Initial Conversation with Client

We look to gain a complete understanding of your company so we can identify candidates who are a match with your culture and organizational requirements. Understanding your business and relationships help us target the most qualified candidates.

Candidate Identification

We rely on our established network, proprietary database, and direct recruiting to identify potential candidates. These candidates are then interviewed and evaluated for their overall financial knowledge, technical expertise and their cultural fit with your organization.

Thorough Reference Check and Extension of Offer

Our Recruiters conduct thorough reference checks by speaking with managers, peers and others who can fairly assess a candidate's performance. We handle salary negotiations, with confidentiality and sensitivity with both the client and the candidate in mind. Once an offer is presented and accepted, we stay engaged to ensure the placement is successful and to nurture the relationship with both the client and candidate.